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I've had my period four times in 30 (+) days. This has never happened before.

Someone else replied on another thread and some other people have said the following are signs of a miscarriage. FYI, I've been off the pill.

What can you tell me???

I had my "regular" period from April 12-16.

Then I had another period from April 28-28 but this time it was very light and very dark.

Then again I had another period from May 10- 13. Again it was extremely light but this time almost black. Additionally, my breast have been sore since the 10th.

Again I got my "regular" period on May 15 and I still have it. This time it came w/ horrible breast soreness, cramps and back pain.

This has never happened to me before. I've never had a period that has been dark, never have had soreness in the breast area or back pain.

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