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If baby is measuring "right on" at 7wks that means he/she is around 10mm or more. The risk of miscarrying once baby reaches that length is .5%. I wouldn't worry too much...the statistics are in your favor :) .

The risk of miscarriage is highest before most women even know they've conceived. Within the first two weeks after ovulation up to 50-75% of pregnancies are lost...MOST women don't even realize it...their period is usually normal; it may be slightly heavier or possibly a couple of days late (although neither of those are a positive indication that a miscarriage took place obviously).

Once a gestational sac has been identified on u/s the risk drops to around 10%; when crown to rump length is 5mm the risk is about 5% and a C-R length of 6-10mm the risk is 3%.

To answer your question honestly, yes, I have miscarried when everything appeared normal on u/s but keep in mind that I have an autoimmune condition and had 5 prior miscarriages as well as one following. My risk of miscarriage is somewhere between 66-75%. So mine is not the "normal" or typical scenario.

It really does sound like things are going beautifully for you and baby! I know it's so hard to relax but treat yourself to a warm bath with lavender oil, a good book and some candles :) . LOL and ice cream helps too (just don't eat too much :D ).

I don't mean to minimize your concerns, they're valid and normal. I'll be thinking of you!


P.S. With one of my miscarriages my SIL was due within two weeks of me and she was extremely worried when I lost my baby (she had miscarried just prior to her pg). We have the same midwife and she was very supportive and reassuring for my SIL. Your dr should be able to do the same for you :) .

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