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Firstly i'd like to say hope all has gone well... I have had three beautiful children with abosolutely no problems other than servere morning sickness, easy pregnancy and births for all... My little angel was due today and i guess this is what made me send this post i guess, she was born too early at 14 weeks, i had a breeze pregnancy in the time i carried her. Not a sign of morning sickness, which made me feel a little odd to start with after three and suffering really bad morning sickness... I started bleeding unexpectedly at 12 weeks, had my scan and told all was ok, but i do beleive you know yourself when something is not right.... Two weeks later i developed an infection, not ever explained to me why or what from and lost her 2 days later.. I denied the whole thing was happening to me at the time and therefore probably made myself suffer so much more... I was told that bleeding doesn't always mean miscarriage, but it's so hard to think of it as meaning anything else... Who knows for what reason these things happen, but i do honestly beleive they are for the best.. I had 1 year previously had an ectopic pregnancy and had my left tube removed. In a sence it's still a positive feeling knowing that i'm still able to conceive after that and being told my chances where going to be decreased... still hope for all:) Though of course still following research on all these things... Take care and most of all wish you were here my little angel Alannah Bree:angel:

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