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Re: Miscarriage??
Jun 7, 2006
[QUOTE=Kathp]For the past two weeks, I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms (skipped period, sore breasts, on/off sickness lasting all day), but did a test, which turned out negative. This morning I began bleeding; not like a normal period (which would not be due for another two weeks, had I not skipped one and remained in my normal cycle) I passed two huge clots, which were accompanied by severe stomach cramping and heavy bleeding. Is it possible, that despite the negative pregnancy test, I could have been pregnant (my husband and I trying to conceive) and that what I'm experiencing now, is a miscarriage?? I would appreciate thoughts and comments, thank you.[/QUOTE]

Hi there,

Yes I think it could be that way coz not all pregnancy test work right.
Once my friend was pregnant and her home preg test marked negative but then she did a 2nd one and it marked positive.
and she was pregnant when she went to doc.
that's why I always do two home preg test just in case.
cant you check it out with yr doc??

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