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I actually wrote a thread in the pregnancy section a couple weeks ago, talking about my pregnancy. I was so happy because I had a miscarriage before when I didn't even know I was pregnant and on Birth control.

I am 22 married for over and year now and this pregnancy was planned. We only tried for two months and I was pregnant. I thought this was the one. I was so sure of it.

Not last night but the night before at dinner time I complained to my husband that I had some cramping going on and lower back pain...a few hours went by and I went pee and to my surprise I looked down and not expecting it I saw bright red blood. I ran into the living room to my husband who was on the phone and said what I found and instantly his face fell to the floor. My intuition told me that this wasn't good. I couldn't believe it. I sobbed uncontrolably. I was so happy for this baby. I even started a baby journal talking to him and we told people. We thought we were in the safe this time. Now I have to face everyone and feel the pain over and over again.

That night was that of heavy bleeding and cramping as well as crying everytime I saw the blood because it was my sweet baby I was flushing down the toilet. I feel so empty and sad now. My husband was so great and he has made it bearable. I don't know what I'd do without him. I still can't help but feel hollow inside. There is no longer a baby growing.

I remember noticing right after I saw that first blood that my breats weren't as sore. For weeks they were sensitive to even the touch of my shirt! Only in retrospect did I come to understand that loss of pregnancy symptoms is associated with an impending miscarriage.

My doctor called me today and said that my blood tests came back that I have Rh negative blood which is incompatiable with my baby's blood and that is most likely the reason I was having miscarriages. I went in and recieved the Rh-immune globulin (Rhogam) shot to kill off my babies fetal blood cells so my body does not produce antibodies to kill future babies.

Has anyone heard about this problem being associated with miscarriages?

Any info would help.

Thankyou, Jess
Thank you for all your kind words.

I still feel so sad. Like a sadness I have never felt before. This one has been so hard.

Since I found out the news yesterday about my blood might think I would feel better..but I don't. I actually feel worse because now I know it was not just bad luck that I miscarried. It was because my body killed the baby, destroyed him as he was trying to grow. He didn't have a chance.

What if I had known this sooner and received the shot then...after the last miscarriage. I didn't even go to the doctor then...not till way after because I was back at my home where my family lives in Boston..I live in washington state. My insurance was I had heard that women have miscarriages where nature takes it's course. And it did with mine. And so in the mean time my body was producing antibodies to attack the future baby.So when I went in for a routine check later on they didn't even think to do the Rh test. I should have gone in earlier. I should have.

I know what you guys will can't beat your self up. Everyone says that..and I know they are just trying to help. But I can't help it. It's so weird because just a couple days ago I was in a completly different mind set. I was having a baby. Now it's just gone.

I know I will get pregenant again...we have no problem with that part....This is just hard. I don't want to get my hopes up only to have them taken away again.

Thank you again for all your kind words. I wish you all the best with your future babies.
Thanks.. have done a lot of reading on this last night. and it's only if baby is POSITIVE in a Negative mum that there is a problem if the blood exchanges.
If this happens the antibodies of mum attack baby as thinks it's a foreign body.. and wants to get rid of it.
Basically baby can be born jaundiced or with some damage, or can lead to m/c in some cases if not spotted.

Had a chat to my DH as he like me didn't understand the implications, so i'm going to ring my GP and see if he can or will give me the shot 'in case' I conceive again and then go from there.

Thanks again girls - and will certainly be back to let you know what they say.

Prada - we all have down days and worry days so please don't feel bad about it. That's why we come here after all for support! ((hugs))
Hi Jess,
I too am RH-. When I first got pregnant, my very first visit to the Dr, they sent me for bloodwork, one of which confirmed my blood type and they notified me right then that I would need an injection half way through my pregnancy and again following delivery if the baby's blood type was positive, or on the alternate, if I had any bleeding I would need the shot as well.

My first pregnancy was fine I had no complications and our daughter was positive blood type (you can carry and deliver + and - bloodtypes with the Rhogam shot which protects the baby...if you don't get the shot you have a very high chance of miscarrying any babies with + bloodtypes as your body attacks their blood cells thinking they are a foreign object)

My second pregnancy sadly ended in miscarriage, so I had the injection but I was told that my blood type had nothing to do with the miscarriage as I had the injection following the delivery of our first child.

My third pregnancy I was concerned at 7-8 weeks because I too had a noticable loss of symptoms, my breasts weren't sensitive and my nauteousness had gone away, I went to the Dr and they checked my HCG levels though blood work and saw that my levels were dropping, so I prepared, thinking I was going to have a misscarriage, they sent me for an ultrasound that same day and low and behold we had a strong heartbeat...I carried our son to term with no other complications...the Dr advised me that the loss of symptoms was due to the decreasing HCG levels. Apparently around 8-10 weeks the levels peak, then gradually start to come down and level out, mine started a bit earlier but I had no problems.

I am so sorry for your loss, I know how devastating losing a pregnancy is, I still think about how old my little angel baby would be today and wonder what s/he would be like. I wish you luck in your future pregnancies. (((HUGS)))
Final verdict.. I called the Early preg unit today that I was at on the 2nd june.
They said as had m/c highly unlikely baby mixed blood with me as less than 12 weeks gestation. To wait till preg, if preg and bleed get shot immediately, if preg then routine shots later in preg, and if live baby (she didn't put it like this but you know what i mean) then test their blood and shots again if positive to my negative.

hope that all makes sense! Guess it's just different here.

Thanks all for the advice adn support, at least i know more about it. :)
That's exactly how I feel Prada. I've done tons and tons of research on it. Nothing that I've seen says that they give the shot only after 12 weeks. if you do interenet searches on it... it says anytime you have an 'eary miscarriage', bleed in pregnancy, give birth, etc... you should have a shot. I am just concerned because the medical staff at my dr's office told me the same thing... and I was only 7 weeks. Now Prada, how far along were you the first time you miscarried? And isn't that what they determined caused this one?? I am fearful that these girls will have another miscarriage... sigh. but what can they do. Sounds like maybe that's the standard over there (not sure where they are from??) But in the US I think they take it a little more seriously. Anyway... I am glad to know I wasn't the only one who was told to get one after only 7 weeks. The baby's blood still mixes with your own... so I don't get it. Either way, wish you girls all the best of luck!

Ahh there was me thinking Think pink was that you wanted a girl! :p

Thanks for the advice, especially about the Anti D shot. :) it's nice to have it confirmed!

Will be thinking pink for you this month!!

I am totally grieving Fionn (that's what we called our lost baby). And don't think that'll change even if I fell now, I feel like my 2nd born has gone and that's forever. :(
However.. I have been TTC for 3 years now, and really can't afford to just give up.. the 'game' has just changed somewhat as I have no idea on my ov date! :rolleyes:
You never know.. maybe that'll help! hehe

Good luck and Baby dust for you!!

Hugs, Jane

Glad to hear you feel more reassured and I'd also like to say what a lovely name Fionn is. I named my baby Pip because thats how I described his/her heartbeat when I saw him/her at a 7 weeks scan.

Been ttc since April '05' (after unplanned Pg which ended as an early m/c) and only became Pg when I started using OP sticks. I would recommend them as long as you don't get obsessed with them! They cost quite a lot (20 for 5:eek: ) and I ended up using a whole load the first couple of months (about 7 each month) as I wanted to be really sure! Then I got Pg on 3rd month :) . Since your AF has arrived you could start testing 12 days from now, but don't get the big UK chemist own brand (won't name in case I get sensored) as they aren't as clear as the other brand leaders.

Worth a shot?

Showers of sticky baby dust for you as well.

Steph - [COLOR="Magenta"]THINK PINK!![/COLOR]
Thanks, Pip is a cute name, very nearly my own name! as mum wanted to call me phillipa and shorten it to pip.
Fionn means white, fair, and is a celtic name. As we are both blonde and our Daughter is very blonde, we figured this was apt as baby would have been blonde too.

I'll have a look out for them, and try and figure what brand you are talking about! hehe
[B][/B] Hi to all i am new here. I am RH- I have three children have lost four
I am also a black female did u all know that this is really rare in black's only about 8% of blacks have this blood type. I have done some research on this because i get funny looks from doctors when i tell them my blood type and a few have even told me that I could not be RH-. I was pg with my son and when I truned 28wks the time frame of when you get your shot they did not give it to me . I told the nurse that i neede that shot and other's working in the office as well and sad to say a nurse said the same thing that i was not and i did not know what my type was well this was my second child OK. Any way some well let's say I have no kind words for this person but that person wrote in my charts that i was not RH- and she did this over the note that said i was. Well i got the shot three weeks late when the doc. really got a ear full from me and my grandmother he checked it out and i was sent to the hospital that day to get a big dose well to say the least my son is fine but he has mental problems at the age of eight as well as he can not have children with a female that is not RH- or his baby will die and so on.

This is a long post sorry but I need to share this both of my parent's are RH-
my grandmother on my mother's side is as well. My brother of course is too. I
found out that this blood type is very special in so many way's ladies do not hate it love it I do you can find out so much about who you are and where you are from and so much more by doing your research on it.

Last thing i want to share with you did you know that most RH- people are really smart they have really high IQ's, they also may have red hair my girls hair is red and black people ask them do i color there hair. RH- people are also more sensitive to having a vision & other senses, they also have lower body temps and more. I first learned this when I was in middle school because I was seeing things that would come to be and it scared me alot i cried alot because of this and when i would go for check up's my body temp was low every time . My aunt broke it all down for me now this is the kicker how about this my aunt is a prophet she is RH- my grandmother and mother both have vision's and I still do and so does my daughter and I think my son does but he does not understand them the reason why he talk's to his self alot and does not like to sleep. Docs. think it's mental my fam and i are now thinking this is just another member with that has vision's but he can't really deal with it yet because of his age. Well i hope i did not spook any one but this is all true i plan on writting a book one day.After my thrid grand child who will want to know why things are happing to her.
Sorry you did not know your dad I was raised up by mine as well as my brother. We were given to him when I was 7yrs old and was told we could not see our mother untill we truned 18 yrs. old by the courts.

Any how the blood type is really from the the start of earth with the gods when they started to take humans for there bride's. The blood line can not be cloned at all but all other types can. RH- types have the dna make up of the gods who did not want man kind to have the power's they had so the blood line stops this from happining if you will by the miscarriage's and still birth of baby's that do not match the DNA . The Northern Spain, Southern France and Eastern/ oriental Jews are the ones who have the most people with RH- blood ( which mean unlike our fellow mankind we are not from the strand of blood line that shows up in the R-monkey which is a little over 80% of man kind) We are negative this could be why when the indians made blood brothers they would cut there flesh and put there blood on a rock together to see if the blood would mix or clump up which is what happens when you put RH- blood with any other type. If it did not mix they knew you were not there blood brother. This is why so many RH- people mostly female's have Some form of physic abilities some are stronger than other's. So I say let the GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!! LOL...... I do know that we have been programed to overlook this type of thing and to think that some things just aren't true but when you can see an angle or two in a picture or really see and feel something bad is going to happen and tell the one's involed and save a life or two you throw that man taught stuff away and really open your mind and heart that we are here because of a higher being and a few of us are really children from that family.

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