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Sorry you did not know your dad I was raised up by mine as well as my brother. We were given to him when I was 7yrs old and was told we could not see our mother untill we truned 18 yrs. old by the courts.

Any how the blood type is really from the the start of earth with the gods when they started to take humans for there bride's. The blood line can not be cloned at all but all other types can. RH- types have the dna make up of the gods who did not want man kind to have the power's they had so the blood line stops this from happining if you will by the miscarriage's and still birth of baby's that do not match the DNA . The Northern Spain, Southern France and Eastern/ oriental Jews are the ones who have the most people with RH- blood ( which mean unlike our fellow mankind we are not from the strand of blood line that shows up in the R-monkey which is a little over 80% of man kind) We are negative this could be why when the indians made blood brothers they would cut there flesh and put there blood on a rock together to see if the blood would mix or clump up which is what happens when you put RH- blood with any other type. If it did not mix they knew you were not there blood brother. This is why so many RH- people mostly female's have Some form of physic abilities some are stronger than other's. So I say let the GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!! LOL...... I do know that we have been programed to overlook this type of thing and to think that some things just aren't true but when you can see an angle or two in a picture or really see and feel something bad is going to happen and tell the one's involed and save a life or two you throw that man taught stuff away and really open your mind and heart that we are here because of a higher being and a few of us are really children from that family.

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