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In Need of Advice
Jun 15, 2006
I am in need of some advice/answers for a situation that has been plaguing me for a long time now and I don't feel as though doing research on health websites are helping me at all. About 7 months ago now I was in a situation where I was 100% sure I was pregnant. I had all the symptoms: missed period, nausia, spotting, swollen and tender breasts, you name it. Whenever I looked up symptoms for pregnancy it seemed as though I had them all. When I took a home pregnancy test I got what I suppose may have been a negative or a positive, I'm not sure. There was a very faint line where a positive result should have been. It was faint, but I could clearly see it was there. I then went to see my doctor to get tested and she told me I was not pregnant. I've read a lot of info on how in the very early stages it can be difficult to detect and thought maybe it was just too soon to tell. As a result I was very frusterated because here I was having all the symptoms but was being told it was nothing. Then a few weeks later, not in any time frame related to when I should have gotten my period, i had the most excruciating cramps i have ever had in my life, followed by the most blood I had ever seen in any period I had had in my life. I was terrified and almost went to the hospital but I could barely walk due to the pain. Luckily i had some vicodin with me, left over from getting my wisdom teeth removed a few months previous. So i poped a couple of those and went to sleep for about 24 hours. The pain continued for a few days and the bleeding about two weeks. It was very dark and much of it was clumpy. I was convinced it was just an abnormal period so i didn't go to the doctor (which was not smart, believe me i know) but i can't help but think maybe my doctor was wrong in telling me i wasn't pregnant simple because it was too early to tell with a test. I think it may be possible I miscarried but I'm just not sure. If anyone reading this has any advice to offer please feel free to post, I will welcome any info anyone has to offer. I don't know much about miscarriages or what can cause them or how they play out but I'd like to somehow find some answers. Also, does anyone know whether months or even years after a miscarriage has occured, whether a doctor can tell if a miscarriage has taken place at some time in the past or not? Thank you anyone who responds to this. :)

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