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I'm sorry hun that no one's replied before now.

I'm not very 'up' on the level of bleeding / according to how far along you were.

Can only say about my natural m/c.

I bled on my AF date - so really was only about 2 weeks preg, had normal cramp and normal period amount of bleeding but stopped at 4 days rather than 5.
then 4 days later bleeding returned but bright and light. didn't think much of it, put it down to an 'odd' cycle. I'd been like clockwork for 18 months but really thought as i'd had my period it'd just be i was out of sync.
I log my cycel on a site and when I looked at it later, I realised I'd been bleeding lightly for 3 weeks! so I headed off to the GP. That was on the friday before bank holiday monday in may - he sent me for blood work at hospital so he got results quicker, and I stopped bleeding on monday 29th.
He confirmed hcg present so I must have had m/c. That was tuesday 30th.
Fri 2nd June - severe cramping (much more than normal) and bleeding returned. Referred to early preg unit for scan which showed up fluid in uterus and behind uterus.
They did bloods over 2 days which confirmed went from 987 hcg to 365. so def m/c. I bled till about the 12 June, but mostly spotting after the first couple of days.

Soooooo now a week later.. I spotted yesterday and now today I am bleeding again.
Not sure if cycle or what.

I guess what I'm trying to show here, is that each person is different and from what i've read each m/c is different too.


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