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Sad again
Jun 20, 2006
I really thought I was starting to recover from my recent m/c.

I had a missed m/c that they diagnosed at my 12 week scan (Friday 26th May) - my :angel: Pip :angel: was only 9 weeks. I had an ERPC Wednesday 30th May and since then have been on a rollercoaster of emotions :confused: . Last week I started to feel optimistic again and was ttc this weekend but now I feel back to square one. I miss my baby.

If/when I get Pg again I will worry myself sick. The very few people I have spoken to tell me stories of people who have had several m/cs but eventually have a baby. I know they mean well but I'd like to know of women who have had one or two m/cs and then gone on to have 6 children in a row - know what I mean?

My family are baby factories apart from my paternal grandmother who I didn't know but I have been told she had somehting like 5 m/c before having my dad and then another 2 m/c after that. Miscarriage can be a genetic thing, right? That worries me even more.

Sorry for the rant - my friend Penelope has just given birth to her 1st DD, a student of mine has come to tell me she is 4 months Pg and didn't know! :eek: and to top it all my sister has just told us she is Pg with her 5th child! I am delighted for them all but so incredibley jealous.

Sometimes life sucks! I'm sure we can all agree!


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