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You know I came on this board right now to ask a very similar question...but read yours...

I had a m/c on 6-10 and I bled for only 4 days.I was 7 weeks along.

For the past few days I have been feeling very sexually excited (Sorry for that) but that is how I get when I am ovulating and there is also thick white discharge..I also get that before period. I was told to wait till my first regular period before trying again. I did not however have a D&C. My husband and I had in the heat of the moment sex last night and late..I said you know what maybe we should try and use some protection. I do NOT want to get pregnant when I am not supposed to and have yet another miscarriage. I can't do that again.

As Jennifer asked, Could you ovulate so soon after a m/c? I have never done an OPK. I probably need to be more careful huh?

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