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How depressing today was. I am actually doing well with "dealing" with things I think. I do have my moments and days and it does seem to be getting easier. I had to go to the OB for my final appt to be discharged from being the pregnant patient. It was hard. I knew it would bother me to go, but I have had so many happy memories there (two successful pregnancies). My doctor did tell me that she doesn't want to see me pregnant for at least 3 months. (One of the partners in the practice told me ONE GOOD CYCLE before ttc again) I asked her IF it happens would you prefer I find another dr? She's a GREAT doctor, so I was hoping she'd say no. She did tell me to come to her, she'd just follow me even closer.

She actually said that it takes 6-12 months to grieve, but I can't wait that long. IF it takes that long, so be it. I hope not though.

How long did it take any of you to notice a big difference in your emotions after your m/c?

Jumping back on the ttc wagon next month. That truly does bring a little bit of joy and helps to alleviate some of the sad feelings. It's just hard because there's another lady in our office who is pregnant and due about the same time I was. :(

Can't think that way right now though.

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