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Trouble coping
Jul 7, 2006
i just need to let this out. i have been grieving for almost a month now about a miscarriage that i had last year. i think i supressed the event because it wasn't until the time when the baby would have been due that this awful wave of grief hit me. i am married now but the miscarriage happened with someone i was with before my husband (yes, we got engaged quite soon after we started dating, but when you know he's the one, you know:), we've been together 10 months now and married for 2.5) this gives me added sadness because i feel like it will upset him if i talk to him about it any more than i have. i wasnt really "with" the person who got me pregnant, and he doesn't even know about any of this and i feel so alone and am so lost right now. my head is going in all different directions and i think this whole depression has actually given me pregnancy symptoms, i have been feeling nausea, tender breasts, even had spotting. shows you how powerful stress can be. my husband has been very supportive but i feel i may be upsetting him.
but i just needed to vent a bit, get these feeling off my chest. will these feelings ever go away? i feel like there is no end to them until i actually have a baby one day.

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