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Hmm... well this is a tough one!
Since my natural early m/c i've read alot about Dr's telling different 'times' to TTC again to allow your body to heal, your cycle to give you a due date and you to emotionally come to terms with your loss.

Basically, I personally started TTC as soon as the bleeding had stopped! There are some say there is a risk of infection.. some don't.

BUT with your PCOS then I think if age is on your side - you might be best waiting for a cycle to allow you to know your due date, but then i suppose your ovulation is probably different with PCOS... sorry don't know tons about it.

If you want to TTC again, would charting show your ovulation date? and help with dating if you were to fall again... if not then I guess a scan some weeks into a pregnancy would give them a chance to date the baby...

Hope this all makes sense, i'm just randomly typing my thoughts!

Good luck whatever you decide, and I'm really sorry for your loss.

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