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Hey guys.
I'm new to the board and I'm hoping I can get some answers if anyone happens to know of all this. I just miscarried on 7/12- the baby was 5 weeks and it was my first pregnancy. Two days before I went into the ER for spotting and mentioned that I am O- and my hubby is O+ so they gave me the Rhogam shot, but then I miscarried two days later. My doc said that if I try again after three months (have to wait because I had a D&C), then I don't need another shot because I had just had one. Does anyone know if that's true? I thought that you needed to have one immediately following a m/c to prevent any further antibodies from developing. I've tried to research this more online, but I can't seem to find any info that is specific to my situation. Also, do you think the fact that I'm Rh- and hubby is positive, could be the reason for this early of a m/c? I would really appreciate any advice or info that any of you have. Thank you! :angel:
Firstly, I just want to say how sorry I am for your loss.

There has been some quite lengthy discussion around this particular topic in an earlier thread. I live in the UK and following my miscarriage on June 07 this year, I was told I did not need a shot (called an Anti-D here, but same as a Rhogam) because I was only 9 weeks when I m/c. I am Rh negative, my husband is Rh positive. Apparently, it is protocol over here not to give the shot until you are past 12 weeks gestation. I questioned this immediately, but was reassured this is correct medical procedure by my midwife, my own doctor and the doctor at the EPU.

If you have only just recently had a shot, I would imagine it wouldn't be necessary to have another one immediately after. The best advice I can offer is to trust the health care professionals; of course seek out a second, or even a third opinion, but these guys do tend to know what they're talking about. As for the blood types being a course of your m/c, I think that highly unlikely, especially if this was your first pregnancy. Hope you begin the healing process soon and that your next pregnancy will be a happy, healthy and sucessful one. x
I believe there is a test you can be given to determine if you have the RH antibodies in your system, which would determine the need for a Rhogam shot. You might ask your doctor to make sure you dont need another one.
Thank you both for your advice. I think the hope that there will be a baby in my future, and that the baby I just lost is in a better place, help me to get through the daily sadness. I never thought that I could love and care for someone that I hadn't even met and in such a short amount of time, but I guess they're a part of you from the minute you realize you're pregnant.
As far as the Rhogam, I will try and trust my doctor. I'm just new to the area and I had only met with him twice, the second time being when I was miscarrying in his office, so I figured this site may be an good way to get a second opinion since I don't know him too well. He did a really good job with my D&C, though, so I'm sure he knows what he's talking about. When I go in for my follow-up on friday, I'll ask him whether or not I'm a candidate for testing for antibodies. I guess like every woman who has miscarried, I just don't want to experience this heartbreak again so I am just hoping for some kind of explanation so that I know what the future holds. Anyway, I'm hoping that it was just one of those horrible, one-time occurrences and that the next time we'll have a healthy and happy baby. Good luck to all of you and thanks again. :angel:

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