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I swear I am about to go crazy. I am so so paranoid with this pregnancy. So paranoid. Just because I haven't had a successful one yet. Two weeks ago I thought I was cramping, my husband was out of town, I was supposed to go with my mother in law shopping. I was crying because I just knew I was going to m/c. I call my mom in law and cry to her saying, "by the way I am pregnant and I think I am m/c, I can't go shopping" what a way to break the news right? well thank goodness she is awesome....anyways those cramps...yeah umm gas.. That happened a few times...I think I am cramping, but it turns out I am not.

Then this morning I woke up at 6 am and happened to touch my breasts sort of out of it and I didn't feel any soreness, I jolted up in bed and squeezed them, I felt nothing. I got out of bed went to bathroom, no blood, nothing. I was like oh great it will probably be one of those missed miscarriages where I will have to get a D&C. All my m/c have expelled naturally. I went into my bedroom, got into bed with my husband and I told him that I think I am m/c cause my breasts arn't sore.....

Anyways it is 9 am , I am at my office and my breasts are just as sore as they were yesterday. I don't know what is going on. I feel I am going out of my mind. I need to just relax. I keep telling myself to enjoy this pregnancy. But how can I when I keep freaking out about any little thing?

It's like I have PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder) or something.

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