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this is an update:

Today I went in for my second appt at the doctor and last week they did a transvaginal and saw nothing , no gestational sac, no yolk sac, they said that my hcg levels and progesterone were perfect...they said it was just too soon to see anything and not to worry. Well, today they did another transvaginal Ultrasound and I was so worried about this but the doc immediatly saw both sacs..the little bean stuck!..I go back in two weeks for another hopefully see my little cutie's heartbeat. As you can tell I am very excited. I was worried..but I am taking this a day at a time and I have decided to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy. Thank you for all of your kind words of comfort and advice.

P.S This was my first time to ever see any evidence of a baby growing inside of first m/c did even know I was prego till I had it and the second one I never even got into the doc till after I m/c.

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