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I had a miscarriage and then a d&c on June 8. I had my first "sort of" cycle this past month and I have been using opk's to figure out if my body was back on track. I had read that you use opk's in the morning. Then I read that you use them between 10am and 8pm. Well......after going through a LOT of opk's yesterday morning I had a negative. I wasn't going to bother testing but thought "what they hey....I only have about 4 strips left till the new ones get here anyday now." My test strip from 6:30 last night was POSITIVE. No faint line at all. I used to start getting faints leading up to dark, but it was dark last evening. Now again this morning, it's positive again but is starting to turn to a faint line, but still definitely there.

Now....I'm nervous. My heart tells me I want to try but my mind tells me that I can't handle things if I do get pg and possibly miscarry. The doctor that did my d&c said wait one cycle and my ob said to wait three cycles.

I don't know what to do. Isn't it "dangerous" to get pregnant this soon after the m/c and d&c?

Nervous.....but thrilled that I am finally getting a positive opk!

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