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Sex after D&C
Jul 30, 2006
I'm just curious if this has anything to do with the D&C... (Sorry if this is TMI)
My DH & I had sex for the first time last night since I had a D&C July 12 (2 1/2 wks ago). It was very uncomfortable, like I was cut from the outside in?? It was bearable pain, and I just figured maybe it was just that one time? Well we did it again today, and it was a little more uncomfortable, I'm sure because of last night too. Anyway, I figured I should be healed up enough to have sex, my Dr told us to wait until I stopped bleeding for 2 days, yesterday was day 2! Anyone else have this experience after a D&C?
Re: Sex after D&C
Aug 3, 2006
sex was uncomfortable for me for a while afterward my op.maybe the next 5 or 6 times. but i believe that also had something to do with me being nervous and fearing getting pregnant again as i never wanted to go through loosing a baby again.
maybe just wait a few days x
Re: Sex after D&C
Aug 8, 2006
I had a D&C and I was told to wait a month to have intercourse I waited about 2 weeks and yes it was uncomfortable for awhile afterwards but I did have bladder and urninary tract infection maybe you should get that checked out.
Re: Sex after D&C
Aug 10, 2006
Hello, I had a D&C on July 31st after 10 weeks of pregnancy, my husband and I had sex about 1 week later it didnt really hurt but it was very dry in there. (Sorry tmi I Know) The doc told us to wait 2 weeks, It was a bit uncomfortable but not painful although the doc did warn me of this.
Re: Sex after D&C
Aug 11, 2006
It was very uncomfortable and dry, (TMI!) for me for the first few times. I only waited 10 days post erpc which was 4 weeks ago. Have now decided to wait until my after my first period.

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