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hi everyone
ive got a question regarding miscarriage, i hope this doesnt upset anyone who has recently been through this, but im asking for my friend who i am quite concerned about mentally.
she says she is having a miscarriage at the moment and an examination today showed that her uterus is clear and the miscarriage is over so she doesnt need a D&C or anything. But, she said that the doctor has told her to go back for a pregnancy test next week as her cervix is closed, meaning she could still be pregnant or could of been carrying twins or triplets. i know the cervix closes during pregnancy, but surely it would of been open while she was miscarrying (she says she is still bleeding at the moment), so how can it be closed? im just a bit confused and worried about her as she is desperate to have a baby and i think she could either be lying or having a phantom pregnancy

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