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Being that you are posting on the miscarriage board, the replies you will get will sound mostly like the one I am going to give you, if you post on the pregnancy boards, you might get a whole different set of replies... I can only speak of my own experience.
I had my last mp on May 17, on July 11th I was scheduled for my first pre-natal appt, I was 1 day shy of 8wks prego... the dr did a vaginal u/s & new immediately that I had a m/c. All he saw was an empty sac, & it was misshaped. Dr said there was no doubt at all that I m/c & told me I should have a D&C the next day. I really did not believe it was possible, I was having all the symptoms of pregnancy, you name the symptom-I had it. I asked him to take my hcg level again, but still scheduled the d&c. Before surgery I asked what my hcg level was, it was 68,000!! my levels were where they should be for an 8wk pregnancy, & high for a m/c... but my body did not realize that there was no baby & the placent just kept growing, its called a missed miscarriage.
Did your Dr do a vaginal u/s? All I know is my Dr had no doubt that I had a m/c, there was no maybe... I even asked if it was possible that I miscalculated my days (even though I knew I didn't) and he still said no. I had no cramping or bleeding, so it was hard for me to believe it. But it just was not meant to be at that time.
When I was on the pregnancy board, I have read many posts where women worried & things turn out ok... I hope things turn out ok for you & there was just some kind of miscalculation mistake or something.
I will say a prayer for you.. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
I went in for my 8 week check up thinking everything was fine I still had all the syptoms of being pregnant and everything and at 6 weeks I even heard the heartbeat, but when my doc did the vaginal u/s he did not hear a heartbeat anymore it was devastating, but I did not have any signs of miscarriage like bleeding or cramping but I hope the best for you good luck and keep us informed.

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