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I've Had It!!!!!
Aug 11, 2006
As if going throug the sadness of a m/c is not horrible & sad enough...
I really need to vent here!
Basically my dr was very "matter of fact" with me through this whole thing... I know he must see m/c's all the time & do D&C's all the time, and get a million phone calls asking if things are normal... but this is his job!! When I went back for my 2 week check up after the D&C he did a 2 second internal & said my "yep, your uterous is nice and small now"... "see you in 4 months from now". I then said wait... when will my hormone level go to 0? he said they already should be! I then told him I had my hcg blood level tested 4 days earlier & it was at 1400, he said well about 7-10 days from then they should be 0. 2weeks later I had it re checked & it went to 40, and the dr said he wanted me to re-check in 1 week. The level is still not 0 it is at 20!!! 2 days ago I started getting pain in my uterous area & quick sharp pains on what felt like my ovaries.. I thought maybe I was ovulating?? I called the dr to see if this could be ovulation & if it's normal to get this pain with your first cycle... a dr who never saw me before said he wanted me to get a pelvic sono, internal & external. Today the results were still at 20, and now they are saying that it is very unusual for this slow decline, it's been over a month now, maybe there is still a peice of tissue in there or maybe there was a twin stuck in my tubes... CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THIS!!! All this info, and it has been given to be through a nurse! I am so sick of this already, and they said the dr leaves at 1 & my appt at the radiologist is at 1:30, so it's wait til Monday! Sorry I am ranting, but I needed to get this out :mad:

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