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Hello Everyone.

For past 3 or 4 days i have severe back pain. This morning i began bleeding. I wouldn't call this light spotting. I was actually bleeding red. It was enough to ruin my panties and sanitary pad.

I called my ob-gyn's office. They had not done any blood tests yet. This was my first visit and was due to an emergency. They were planning on seeing me in week 12.

They ordered some blood work today and the results won't be available until tomorrow. They also performed an ultrasound. I saw the baby. the nurse said that the heartbeat is on. She said, everything on the u/s looks okay. However, i noticed that i am not stomach sick for almost a week, i have really bad back ache for 4 days now and now i am also bleeding. I am so worried that this may end up in a miscarriage.

Although I saw the baby and they say the u/s looks good, I am not convinced. That could very well change right?

I still have some backache.

Has anyone had bleeding with low pack pain in their 9th week of pregnancy? I have not spotted in the first 8 weeks at all. Please help!

Thank you,

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