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Hi There
Having had a few miscarriages I can totally sympathise with your situation, it sounds like you have had a very traumatic time and I cant believe the people you know are acting like your loss wasnt important, maybe they cannot deal with what happened to you and people do say stupid things when they do not understand a situation, without knowing too much about what happened to you it seems that you are grieving and grieving is a very long painful process, things that helped me were seeing photographs of the babies I lost as well as cremations for the 2 late miscarriages I had, laying flowers regularly, or even just writing your feelings down, also remember there will probably be alot of people who dont understand, places like this will help and counselling if you feel up to it. I dont know where you live but in the Uk there are lots of support networks and telephone numbers you could call some run 24 hours a day
what ever happens I waish you all the best and if you feel like no one listens then I hope you will find the support you need in these boards like I have done in the past
good luck with everything x

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