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Thank you so much for that reply, at least i know what im feeling is normal.
I feel so guilty about it most of the time.

I really hope i can get through this, mainly because i would love to have another, and does my boyfriend. It is really hard at times like you said.

Thankyou for your kind words..

Im so sorry to yours would be due soon. I know how it feels when that day comes up.

This is my second miscarriage, but that one i excepted, as my ex, my sons dad, was extremely violent and thats why i lost that one, and i soon 'forgot' about it because i had a son to care for. But i always feel sad when the term date comes up.

I think its best when people who have come together to talk about the same problem is a good solution though, as talking to people who havent a clue how you feel, just isnt the same

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