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Hi all, I got pregnant a few months ago, and soon after found out the fetus was not growing and there was no heart beat. I had to get a D&C and had very little bleeding after, but then a couple weeks later started bleeding ALOT and passing huge the doctor told me there was something that was still in my uterus and I had to get a second D&C. I figured after that there could be nothing ledt in there. It has been about 4 or 5 weeks since the second procedure, and because I have been on birth control pills, this is when I should be having my first period. I did start bleeding like a period, but then had quite a bit of clotting and the weirdest thing was a little bit of tissue followed by one big piece of tissue about 1/2 the size of a golf ball) that was DEFINITELY NOT a clot, but actual tissue. I kinda think this is weird. I saved the tissue and put it in a baggie and brought it to my doctor, who sent it to the lab to see what it is. In the meantime i am just kinda anxious about this and wondering if ANYONE HAS HAD AN EXPERIENCE LIKE THIS, OR HAS ANY IDEA WHAT THIS COULD BE???? Any info would be appreciated!!! THANKS :confused:
Oh my goodness! Bless your heart. Sounds like you're still passing Products of Conception i.e. placenta and fetal tissue, but this is after 2 D&Cs?! :confused: Could you have gotten pregnant again and this is another m/c? Sorry I don't have more advice, but I hope it all works out well. Take care.

Hi Jasmine,
I'm so sorry to hear what you are going though, a miscarriage in itself is so difficult, my thoughts are with you...
Did you get the results of the pathology back from your Doctor on your 1st or 2nd D&C? Did your Dr mention anything unusual at all?
Take care hon.
no, as far as i know they didnt do any testing on my 1st or 2nd D&C. And I had some pieces of tissue after my first D&C as well, but just assumed it was normal at the time. Thanks for your thoughts, and I will hopefully get the test back for the tissue sooner than later... and will post results here for other women who may need the info. xoxox
just another note... the doctor who did my D&C's made it sound like this was abnormal, and that heavy bleeding with the first period is abnormal as well (he is not my regular doctor and I really dont care for him). My period, however, although I am not clotting anymore, is quite heavy...I am wanting to believe my doctor who i have seen for 12 years and actually makes me feel likes she cares about me and my concerns...
I had the same thing. I had a lot of bleeding after the procedure and passed tissue, large pieces! like 3" long. during each AF for about 3 months.
I don't think they were attached, just sort of hanging out in my uterus from the surgery. I know its gross, but It eventually cleared up.
I didn't like my Dr. either....
thanks for your reply :) that is interesting, and gives me a little more hope that what I am going through may be is so hard when you just dont know...and have to depend on doctors you dont really like for all your information! Anyway, thanks again... xoxoxox
hi there, i just wanted to update in case any women are having similiar experiences. I went to the gyno that did my D&C's and he did another check and vaginal ultrasound (Monday) and he said everything looks normal. he had me double up on my birth control pills for 2 days, and then to continue on as normal and see if the bleeding stopped. It in now Wed. and the bleeding has almost completely stopped. I saw my regular doc, who sent in tissue last week, today and results said it was "placental tissue". I have no idea how after 2 D&C's there was still placental tissue, but there was. So my hope is now my body will be able to balance itself out and go back to normal. Thanks for all who read and were concerned and especially to those who posted!!! xoxoxox if anything else comes up I will post again.

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