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Hi all, I got pregnant a few months ago, and soon after found out the fetus was not growing and there was no heart beat. I had to get a D&C and had very little bleeding after, but then a couple weeks later started bleeding ALOT and passing huge the doctor told me there was something that was still in my uterus and I had to get a second D&C. I figured after that there could be nothing ledt in there. It has been about 4 or 5 weeks since the second procedure, and because I have been on birth control pills, this is when I should be having my first period. I did start bleeding like a period, but then had quite a bit of clotting and the weirdest thing was a little bit of tissue followed by one big piece of tissue about 1/2 the size of a golf ball) that was DEFINITELY NOT a clot, but actual tissue. I kinda think this is weird. I saved the tissue and put it in a baggie and brought it to my doctor, who sent it to the lab to see what it is. In the meantime i am just kinda anxious about this and wondering if ANYONE HAS HAD AN EXPERIENCE LIKE THIS, OR HAS ANY IDEA WHAT THIS COULD BE???? Any info would be appreciated!!! THANKS :confused:

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