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Of late I haven't been feeling myself, I've not been unwell as such but have had a general feeling of being off colour for quite a few weeks.

Six to eight weeks ago I visited my doctor with severe constipation and swelling of the stomach. I had other symptoms also like mood swings, and uncomfortable tummy aches each afternoon. The doctor prescribed a laxative and some tablets for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and over time the condition improved. My period arrived a week late and was lighter than usual but I put it down to my body rhythm being knocked out of synch.

I have since had another period which arrived dead on time, lasting 4 days and considerably lighter than usual. A week passed after my period and last Saturday I began to bleed quite heavily. The blood was very bright in colour and there were some clots present, I also had a few very sharp abdominal pains. I couldn't use tampons as they would be soaked up immediately. The following day the flow was not as heavy and the blood was brownish red, very thick again with some clots and what can only be described as a small amount of greyish mucus. This continued for two days after which the bleeding stopped.

However, for the past few hours I have been in severe abdominal discomfort, cramps in my lower abdomen and my lower left side of my back. I am not bleeding now instead I do seem to have a thin egg whitey presence all the time.

I have experienced cramps and feelings like this on only one other occasion, when I miscarried at 7 weeks age 25. That was 4 years ago. I didn't suspect I was pregnant as both periods had arrived and it is only now that I am wondering if I was and am miscarrying again.

Can anyone give me any advice at all? If I have miscarried can I still find out if I was ever pregnant for sure? I don't want to wake and worry my partner without good reason.

Please help,


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