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I had a miscarriage 8/24. I delivered my baby at home. He came out fully intact with 10 fingers, 10 toes. Holding him in my hand and looking at him deceased (dr says I was between 16-20 weeks pregnant) has been the hardest part of it all. I had only begun digesting that I was even pregnant.

My son was born last December. I took the depo shot once. I had horrible side effects and have known something is wrong inside of me for several months. Never did I suspect pregnancy. I can't really believe that I had no symptoms. Only when I tried to go to the dr about my female problems did they instruct me to take a home test first, which confirmed pregnancy. I went to the local health dept and they confirmed it, also. I hadn't even been in to see my dr yet when this happened.

I lost a lot of blood and went into shock by the time I got to the hospital. They did a d&c and I had to recieve blood. All of the physical aspects I can handle. But holding my dead baby has just been too much on me physically. I will never forget it. When his little fingers hugged my finger when I placed his hands in front of him I just lost it. I took care of the baby before I sought help.

Has anyone gone through the trauma of seeing the baby and being roughly as far as me? I never pictured a miscarriage as happening the way it happened to me. As I said, I had only begun accepting that I was pregnant. According to the dates I should have still been protected by the depo shot at that time. I keep thinking that may have had a part in what was wrong? I know I'll never know, but it hurts so bad.

Any words of wisdom or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks for listening.

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