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I returned for my 2nd u/s on friday. After having both a standard u/s and an internal u/s I was told the sack was still the size of a 5wk sack and hence my pregnancy had not progressed. I returned to my doctor the same day and although I pleaded that I could not cope with waiting for nature to takes its course any longer, I was sent away with a prescription for panedeine forte and told to wait for my miscarriage to start. My doctor made it very clear that he did not support me having a D&C and hence would not refer me to a gyno for one. I was also given a blood test and told to have another on monday to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.
After a very anxious friday night I started to bleed heavily on saturday afternoon (yesterday) I am stil bleeding heavily and now have to wait til I return to my doctor on Tuesday. I feel very uneasy about not having a D&C as I would like to know that everything has been cleaned out and I will not have any tissue left behind to cause any future problems.
Can anyone else advise me their thoughts on having a D&C or is my doctor right in saying I won't need one?

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