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I was diagnosed with a Blighted Ovum on the 15th of Aug. the doctor I was with didn't explain anything at all about it and told me to come back in a week for another ultrasound. I had no symptoms at all no cramping,bleeding or anything else, so it was hard for me to believe.We had trouble concieving and we were so happy we finally had acomplished it through the process of IUI's. I actually canceled that appt and went to a high risk ob-gyn on the 24th of august, whom comfirmed that in fact I did have a blighted ovum, My baby had stoppped forming at 6wks for some reason. My gestational sac was empty and I had an egg sac. So he told me I could go ahead and miscarry on my own or schedule a DNC and hopefully he could get some of the tissue to grow so he could see what had happened.We decided to go ahead with the DNC so we could know what went wrong and so we didn't have to wait on it to happen. I was schedule for an ultrasound on the 31th so we could check one more time and feel comfortable with our decision and then on the 1st of Sept I was to have the DNC. Unfortunaley on the 26th I started having severe cramps that went to my back, I had contacted the dr to see what I could take for the pain and of course it was someone on call he said to take motrin and if I bleed more than a pad an hr to go to the ER. Well this continued all weekend and by monday I couldn't go to work because the pain was so severe. I am not trying to scare you I am just telling you my story in case you have to experince this yourself you'll kinda know what to expect. So I called my Dr office first thing Monday Morning and they said your pains will be strong your body is going through labor but still told me to take the motrin that wasn't working. Finally that afternoon a nurse told me to go to the ER to make sure my cervix wasn't dialated and it wasn't so they gave me some meds to keep me comfortable. I went to work for a half day the next day but I was having these strong urges to push. When I went home to lay down I began to himmerage (sp) so I thought I could go to the ER which is 20 min away by car, but eventually decided otherwise and went by ambulance. So finally that night I had an emergency DNC, afterwards I felt much better the pain wasn't anywhere near what I had been experincing. I also had already prepared myslef emotionally for this so it made it alot easier. I am still real tired but it gets better everyday. I find comfort in knowing that something must have been wrong and God didn't think this pregancy was going to be ok so he took matters into his own hands. Sorry if I wrote to much or gave you tmi. Good Luck

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