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My name is Susanne. I am 30 years old and have a healthy 3yr old son. On Aug 24th, at a routine check up (17 weeks gestation) I was told my baby's heart had stopped and he/she had passed away. I had a D & C done on Aug 25 b/c my dr was afraid of possible infection if I waited. I was told that my baby never grew past the size of 12 weeks. Today I passed what appears to be my baby. It is about 3 inches long, no blood as I haven't bled since the day after my d and c, it is grey/tan in color and appears to have "bones" in it that look like arms and ribs. I went to the e.r. and was told that my blood work was fine and that it was probably just some left over tissue. They didn't even look at it other than a glance. No pelvic exam or ultrasound was done. They told me to follow up with my dr who says he can't see me until Friday. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I was not told that it was a possibility and it has upset me and angered me at the dr so much it scares me. Please respond asap as I do not know what to do. My husband wants to talk to an attorney due to the emotional wreckage this has caused. I have faced 3 mc scares with this pregnancy, then the d and c, and now this. I don't think I can take much more. please
Sorry, I tried to edit the above post to add something but the site was experiencing "technical difficulties" so I'll just post again...the memorial would also be nice to be able to visit whenever you want...having gone through 17 weeks of pregnancy I know you already bonded with that baby and it is difficult to come to terms with the loss...having somewhere to go and visit for the baby's memorial would help you grieve, something I feel I didn't for a long time after my miscarriage because I had nothing grieve with. I am thinking of planting a memorial garden next year in my little angels memory, so I can sit and relax and enjoy the beauty and think of my little angel.:angel:
Take care.
You really shouldn't be passing tissue that could be baby after a d&c. Did you keep it? Maybe you could still have it tested? It just doesn't sound right. Definately talk to your doctor, hopefully he can help. I'm so sorry about your loss. I know how difficult a late loss can be (I lost my daughter at 20 wks). I hope you can get some answers.
Hi Sholland,
sorry for your loss. LAst year I experienced exactly what you experienced. I had a D&C immiedately after I found out there was no heart beatat 13 weeks baby never grew past 10 weeks. I bleed for nearly 6 more weeks while complaining to my dr that something was wrong, having contractions, pains and my stomach would not go down. He constantly told me my body was healing and going through the process. I even passed a huge clot of blood the morning I went to him. He even gave an ultrasound and saw more blood but that was a week after the D&C. Finally I decided to get a second opinion from my GP who discovered through ultrasound that POC was left inside me. My GP ordred by OBGYN to give me immediate surgery but he made me wait past a weekend. I had a second D&C and everything has been fine since. I have never been so humilated. Dealing with a loss is one thing but dealing with a D&C all over again is another... I also had antiobitics the first time and the GP gave them to me as well so I was cleared of an infection.

Can you go to another dr and get a check-up or go to your regular GP who knows you better..

I was also told that sometimes this happens and they cannot judge when they do a d&C becuase there is a lot of tissue especially when it is in its early stages, but who wants to stay like that until it comes out on its own.

Please keep us posted and we are all here for you...

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