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A girl that I know went to a clinic to get on birth control. They didn't do an exam, but told her to take a pregnancy test in 3 months (???). She had what seems to be a miscarriage yesterday. She called me saying that something came out, since she said she just got her period, I told her it could be a clot, but when she described it more, I thought this may have occured and I told her to call the clinic and see what they thought. I wasn't for sure, so didn't say anything to her, but the clinic told her that she probably had a miscarriage. Figuring she was about 6-8 weeks pregnant, since she was on birth control, she obviously didn't have a clue.
I'm not qualified to tell her what she "needs" to do, but I was going to suggest following up with an OB/Gyn regarding this and to get a proper exam done since she has never had one. From my understanding the clinic didn't tell her to come in or anything. Shouldn't she see a docor just to follow up after this?
Thank You

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