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NO it has not happend to me but it happens quite a bit. You might still have tissue in you which is causing the hCG hormone to still be present. Hence the positive testing.They will most likely do a D&C. Goodluck. Sorry to hear of your loss.----Jessica
Hi Bondgrll,
I also was diagnosed with a blighted ovum, I was 8wks along & had absolutely no sign of a m/c. I did have a D&C the very next day, and they completely cleaned out my uterous, however I still tested positive on a pregnancy test for 5 weeks! I was taking HPT's weekly to see what my body was up to, and after still testing pos for 2 weeks, I called my DR & told him about it. He said that it is normal for your HCG level to decline slowly, but he had me follow up with weekly blood tests just to ensure the level was going down. My level finally went to 0 in the 5th week. Call your Dr & tell them your situation... they may want to do an u/s if you m/c naturally just to ensure there is nothing left behind, but it is normal to still have hcg in your blood after a m/c.
Good luck hon, and I am very sorry for your loss (((Hugs)))
It took me 2 1/2 weeks to get a negative HPT after a D&C, so I would say completely normal. I was desperate for a negative also so I could feel that the process was happening, it felt like forever to get the negative and then forever again to get first will happen and i know it is frustrating but either you let your body do this in its own time or you go for D&C and know that there will still be delays for you to be completely back to 'normal'. We have a lot to deal with hey girls???! Awful horrible thing to go through and seems never-ending.......

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