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OK ladies I was not prepared for this one. As you know I miscarried 2 weeks ago (would've been three months now) and I am tall with a slim/medium build. Just when I thought I had heard it all, a neighbor (woman and a casual friend) who knew I had a miscarriage (and also knew I was still testing positive two weeks later) came up to me in the neighborhood and said "I'm sorry to hear about what happened....are you sure you had a miscarriage? still look kind of pregnant." Now we are all college educated women in our 30's living in upper middle class along the Gulf of Mexico and yet this is what she said. I then replied without thought "That's not nice to say...." and then she patted my stomach and said " still looks like there might be something in there." I truly don't feel she meant to me malicious, I think some people just don't "GET IT" or don't have a refined way of communicating things....I'm just venting....OMG I mean what a really stupid thing to she was trying to give me hope or something!!!

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