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I have been here twice before. I was hoping to not ever have to come back either. This morning my husband and I went into the doc's to do another ultrasound and hear the heart beat again. He first felt my stomach to see if I had grown...I had, we tried to hear the heart beat...but nothing and that wasn't good. He then brought in the ultra sound machine and as he suspected, the baby died sometime last week. I saw it dead there nestled inside of me with no beating heart. I am still very sick and hate pretty much all food and my breasts are still full and sore. I had no idea this would happen today. We just thought this would be a routine checkup. I am in shock right now and my heart hurts but I cannot cry. This is unlike me. I go in on monday for my first ever surgery. They will do a D&C and I will be asleep. The other two m/c I lost naturally. This is really hard because I was growing and starting to show and very sick with no signs of an impending m/c. I can't take this anymore. I feel like I want to give up on all hope of a baby. This was number three. This was supposed to be my charm. What am I going to do know. I am so sick of feeling this familiar empty ache. Tomorrow I was supposed to go into Seattle with all my sis-inlaws for my mother-in-laws B-day. All 5 have babies galore and one is pregnant with number 7. I called one and told her I wouldn't make it. It would be sort of too hard for me right now. They understood.The hospital is going to test my husband and I both to see if there are any chromosomal problems with us. I just want to wake up right now from this bad dream.

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