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My doctor called me yesterday to tell me that my thyroid antibodies test came back neg and that he wanted me to come in so he could check me post op. He scheduled me for 9 :30 am today. He did a urine test and looked in me and checked my uterus. He said my hormones still must be there because the preg test showed dark line but my uterus is starting to go down. He said that could mean that my Hcg levels are slowly declining or it could be that there is still tissue in me that needs to be removed. I was like, " you better not do any more surgery on me, I am done sir." He laughed and said, even though I grunted about it, to come in next thurs and he will check me again and if I am still cramping and passing clots he will give me the medicine to cause the contractions, to expell what is still left. Jeez, I just want this to be done already and for the doc visits to stop for awile.

It was sad, when the nurse was asking me questions before the doc came in, on how I was doing ( she's been with me all three m/c and is rooting for me) I was describing how the other day in lab class, I kept having extreme back cramps 2 mins apart they were so painful I couldn't move and I guess something triggered her to get emotional, but she started to tear up and (keep in mind I was acting totally strong, not emoptional at all) and she said that I should just focus on school right now and let my heart heal cause I have been through a lot..and I said to her, "well I am being strong here, you are going to make ME cry now lady." and we had a good laugh/cry at the moment. I could just tell she really cared and it made me feel good to know they want this for me as much as I do.

Am I the queen of long posts or what. Anyways I am all good ladies, I am in the docs hand's now, and thanks for all your replies. Love, Jess

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