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So a week ago I had a suction D&C. Didn't bleed much just a little red spotting at first which then turned to brown and no cramping..I thought I was a lucky girl,then sat I was working at family office, I went to turn off all the lights in building before heading home and felt wetness on lower thigh. It was a good amt of blood. since sat I have bled heavier but no clots or cramping though.

However, lastnight I woke up with terrible cramps went to bathroom and bigger than a quarter clots came out. it has been like that all day today with bad cramping and heavy clotting...even now.

I am curious to know if this is normal. I hate to be a bother and call doc when this is supposed to happen. I figure, give it a few days then call doc if this continues.

For those of you who have had Suction D&C, what were your experience's post surgery?

On a better note my husband and I went to the periniologist today, he was so so so nice and really took a liking to Lance and I and told us that he didn't know why my OBGYN reffered us to him...he said he didnt want to waist our time or money and he went and called a RE down the street and got us an appt with him this same afternoon. We were appreciative.He said that our problem with recurring m/c should be handled with a fertility specialist. When we finally got in to the RE he said DO NOT get preg.! USE PROTECTION.! He acted like we were a couple of horney rabbits cause we were young or something..he stressed the wait to get preg thing alot since we have a history of getting preg fast. He said wait till Dec. he would make me a plan and stick in my file and to call him on first day of period. He said he would try eveything even if we didn't need it just cause it wouldn't hurt to try. He will do tests then, give me clomoid, progesterone, and baby asprin... I don't know.... it gave us hope and made us smile. I hope Dec gets here fast. until then, it is safe sex for me. Oh, and since I am not infertile and have had recuriing m/c's they were able to bill my insurance and it will also most likely pay for the clomoid etc as well. I was so glad cause we thought we would have to pay the $200 for just the office visit alone up front today. It was a nice surprise to not have to.

This was long... I hope you girls are doing well and having much hope for all your babies to come. Have a good night----Jess

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