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I had a miscarriage at 17 weeks, just 2 weeks ago this friday, & i also had no pain, cramps or bleeding. Just minor spotting at 6 wks & 8 wks which was put down to implantation bleeding!!!

The first i knew of any problem with my preganancy was when my waters broke during the early hours of the morning (but still no accompanying pain) and at this stage i thought i had accidentally wet the bed, although i thought there was something strange going on cos i am a light sleeper & have never wet the bed before, (but then it was a possibility that i had because i thought maybe the baby had put pressure on my bladder). This was then followed by some brownish coloured bleeding (which i didn't see as a sign of any problems.... as i'd been told by my OB that brown bleeding is usually just old blood that has broken away from the wall of your uterus) & it wasn't heavy at all.

Then by morning it was red & also getting slightly heavier so i went into emergency & it was later confirmed that my amniotic sac had burst & the baby did not have a heartbeat. My OB then said that it looked as though my baby had in fact died about 4 or 5 weeks prior to the sac bursting, as it was not the size of a 17 weeks fetus, however i had actually only started growing/showing in the tummy the last 2 weeks of pregnancy (which was just my sac growing i guess... but then it must have realised that there was not a baby to accomodate the growth & that's when it burst) & also i can't recall any major abnormal pains or bleeding during the weeks around the estimated time of my baby's death, so i'm still unsure :confused:

Anyhow if you want the full long-winded version of my story, you can check out my post. "Miscarriage at 17 weeks".

Take care & goodluck in the future


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