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hi im replying to my own note here in case anyone else was wondering i just got home from the hospital and i did have a misscarrige i wasnt sure because i didnt have much pain some cramps but nothing worse than menstral cramps, for me i was 3 weeks late on my period and i thought i was pregnant but it takes forever to get an apt with my dr so i had booked one and was just assuming i was in the meantime we have 2 other children so we just figured whats 1 more, then the other day i started getting some cramps but nothing to bad and i got some cramping through my pregnancys so i wasnt to worried then yesterday when i woke up i was bleeding really heavy at first i thought maybe i had been wrong about being pregnant and it was just really heavy because i was so late and i wasnt having any cramps at all then the bleeding just got worse till i was going through a super tampon and overnight pad every 1/2 hour and still ended up leaking through my cloths i started passing tons of blood clots which i never get but because i wasnt geting much for cramps i didnt think it could be a m/c i always thought they were always extreemly painful i ended up going up to the hospital because the bleeding wasnt slowing down and it was starting to affect me pretty bad i was just loosing to much blood anyways it turned out that it was a miscarrige i was suprized it wasnt more painful but the dr said that because i have already given birth a couple of times that it dosnt always hurt as much as it would for somone who had never given birth because the cirvix doesnt close up 100% afterwards, my youngest son is only 7 months to so maybe being that it was fairly recent had somthing to do with it any how if anyones ever wondering early miscarriges are not always really painful physicaly anyhow thanks. and i hope this helps somone else. :angel:

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