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I have been watching this board for a few weeks, but have been too shy to comment. But I've seen so many good questions and responses, that I wanted to share my experience. I've found a lot of insight into my own situation by learning about others real life experience - info you can't find in the one page description about miscarriages in the pregnancy books. I hope my experience will help answer some of your questions.

I got pregnant after 7 months of trying. I had some brown spotting around 4 - 5 weeks, but got my HGC levels checked, and I guess they looked ok. Then at six 1/2 weeks, the spotting started again, and by the second morning it was getting heavier. It was Saturday, and I hadn't seen an OBGYN yet, so I went to the ER. 7 hours later, and the doc said she didnt see anything too concerning, but that I was spotting. They did an US and saw the heartbeat and the size looked good. They said I had a Threatened Miscarriage. I did more blood tests for the HGC levels. I was getting poked a lot at this point. I went to a doc at the hospital two days later, and they did another US and it looked good again. My spotting went away, so I felt good. I read a lot about it, and knew many people had spotting and were fine. I felt a little silly for going to the ER.

I started to let others know about my pregnancy because I thought I was in the clear. Three weeks later (9-13-06), I had my first doctor’s appointment, and was 9 weeks 6 days. I hadn't had any spotting for about two weeks, and had full on pregnancy symptoms. I had even had to run to the bathroom to throw up that morning. But one thing was I had a lot of lower back pain. It was worse with movements, so I thougt maybe I had pulled it. But the day before my appointment, the brown spotting started again. I wasn't too worried, because I was going to the doc the next day. At that appointment, the new doc did another US, and didn't see the heartbeat. The baby measured 7 weeks 4 days. I had a Missed Miscarriage.

I opted to take Misoprostol instead of having a D&C. I chose it because the pregnancy ended early and I wanted to be at home, and somewhat control what I was experiencing. Before I took it I got the Rrogam shot, because I'm RH-. I had heavy bleeding the first day, and it became more painful after about 4 hours, but I they gave me some pain killers. I don't really remember the next two days (Sat and Sun), but I know I wasn't in as much pain the bleeding was much lighter. I felt ok by Monday, and went to work. But by Monday evening the pain returned, and I took off the next three days off. I saw the doc again that Wed. and they checked me out with another US. They said I was looking well. I've continued to have spotting and cramping (which comes and goes - its been about 2 weeks)

I hope my story will help you in some way, as the other post have helped me. I still wonder about things like my Progesterone levels, and why the doctors act like you've made it up you tell them you're pregnant. But that's another post. Hang in there ladies (and fellas). Its nice to know there is someone out there that can relate.

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