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you are completely normal! I also had a miscarriage in July this year, and had a pregnancy that stopped growing at 6 1/2 weeks, although it was 2 weeks later that I found out. So I promise you I know the feelings you describe so well and yet I think I am doing a little better and I will try to tell you why in the hope that it helps you to move on also. This is the second loss my DH and I have been through this year - back in March I lost a pregnancy and nearly my life to an ectopic. I would do anything to be having that baby this month as it would have been due, and yet I am also grateful in a strange way because my love for my husband - and his for me - has grown beyond my comprehension through this difficult time. Even when it has been painful and fraught, we kept talking and I never pushed him away. I hope you can find a way to let your husband into your thoughts and pain, it is his experience too and I believe sharing it can bring you closer - a bond you really need right now.
The other thing that has helped me is eternal optimism. I am not religious in a practising sense, I don't truly know what I believe in, and yet I am 100% confident that one day I will get the babies that I am meant to have - there is a reason the will come to me and there is a reason that these two didn't. I wish they had, but life has other plans for me, and you too. Miscarriage is terrible, crushing loss that unless you have been through you cannot believe how empty it can leave you but there is no reason to think it will happen next time - the statistics in fact say that it is unlikely to happen to you again so don't be afraid. If you want a baby then take the leap, it is an emotional risk, but focus on the reward - the amazing reward! I send you love and best wishes for the future and hope that you can feel happy again soon. xx kelly xxx

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