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Re: Blood Clot
Nov 9, 2006
Hello Istyle hope all is going well with your pregnancy I dont check on these boards much but your post caught my eye hope your still reading these and hope you are doing well in your preg. Just wanted to share my story Ill try and keep it short!! Basically I have 2 kids 5 & 7 had 1 mc in between these at 6 wks. No real problems just one of them things apparently anyway my real problems started with my pregnancy in 2004 I got to 19 wks and the baby stopped kicking had a scan found out he had died obviously devaststed but the specialist I saw at the time said I was unlucky no cause got pregnant again 2 months after again mc at 6 wks so after being fobbed off by the Dr again I asked him for thrombaphilia screening this came back normal got pregnant again and in March this year lost another baby at 15 wks. anyway when I went for the autopsy results they had lost my notes so I never got to see the specialist basically I had a real hard time changed specialist and I am currently 25 wks under a new specialist he managed to find out that my last baby died of a blood clot and the 1st (born in Feb 2005) died of placenta failure so I finally had a cause Im currently injecting heparin once a day and have scans between 2 and 4 weeks they have been really understanding Im allowed in when I like but trying to keep calm and just going once a month at the mo. Anyway I was thinking of you just wanted to share my story with you and let you know I can totally sympathise with the whole pregnancy thing after mc it is so hard, well it is for me cant say I enjoy it but having lost a baby to the same condition I just wanted you to know that Im thinking of you and wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy!!!

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