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Oct 30, 2006
Well I am not real sure where to post this one. This has to do with m/c though. In fact I think I have "earned" my right to post here I have had 3 so I will.

Something is weighing on my mind and I will shoot my husband if it turns out to be true. So many people get excited when they are pregnant right? Even if there is that possiblity...but not me. I have lost three so far, 2 D&C's for same baby w/ this last one, I am 23 and have had no successes. You all have heard my stories...

I have not had my period..I had my 1st D&C on Sept 18th...sec one on Oct 3rd. My husband and I have had sex quite a bit since the last one. We have had a bad time w/ what protection to use. I HATE hormone BC. He hates what do we do when it comes down to the moment?we get stupid...well, he does..its like we are in highschool and he pressures me.."Oh you'll be okay, come on" I tell him no. We finally agree he will pull out...I am paranoid he wont which makes sex not as great..but he always does. But we are so dumb to even think pulling out will not get us preg. especially with our history. I am back east visiting my family, he is hunting in Idaho. I have been having frequent urination and lots of white discharge which I know is TMI I am sorry but this is more than usual...freq. urination was always what told me I was preg with my others. If I am I KNOW there will be a m/c. I hope I HOPE HOPE HOPE I am just being paranoid. If I am preg.I am not that far along..I guess I can try baby asprin..nothing else will help..If I am not, I am going to kick my husband down there..I am jk. But I will not let him pressure me. It is my body I am the one having to deal with these M/C not him. He has super sperm and he needs to keep them away from me. Some people are excited if there is a chance they are pregnant. They say they arn't but they are. I am NOT. At all! I know what will happen my body has not had a rest, my husband is going to get it if in fact I am.

Sorry this is so long. If I am pregnant. I am almost too ashamed to tell my OBGYN. This same thing happened with the last m/c. I got preg after. He will be so mad. Lets all just say a little prayer that I am not. No sticky baby dust for me. Please come visit AF.

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