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here's the story...shortened...thurs i went in for ultrasound and there was no heartbeat (i was almost 13 weeks)...we went to the dr right after that and they didn't have any openings for dnc friday so they scheduled one for monday. well, fri morning i wake up and start passing huge clots...i've miscarried before so this didn't seem abnormal. well, it didn't stop...and the blood was like there was a faucet wouldn't stop...therefore i started passing out and had to be rushed to the er. after bleeding in the er half the day i finally got in for the dnc and all is better now...sorta...i'm still really weak and yukky feeling...but that, too will pass with time. ugh.

so, here are my questions...i don't go back to the dr for 2 weeks. i'm not sure if i have to abstain from sex till then...since i'm sure my husband will be wondering since he is a man after all. lol also, has anyone lost alot of blood like this before? when i got there my bloodcount was around 12 something...when we left saturday it was 7 something. how long does it take to feel a little better? he's here taking care of me and our 2 children...and i feel like i can do alot then i end up falling over from exaustion. he can't keep me in bed and it's pissing him off...ugh. i just wish it were over. if anyone can answer any of these questions i'd really appreciate it! thank you.


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