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Hey pradasweets1983,

Sorry to hear about your losses also! Your case sounds very much like mine, as i had an episode at approx 13 weeks where i felt like i had to do a number 2.... but diarhea (sorry if too much info), & i hadn't been feeling myself all day.... alittle unwell & slight discomfort in my lower abdomin. So when i began walking to the toilet, i started feeling dizzy and blacked out & started feeling as though i was going to vomit (which was a bit unusual as the only sickness i had really gotten at this stage was an icky feeling in the mornings and tiredness), but remained standing and just held myself up using the wall. I then kept blinking to get my vision back & eventually made it to the toilet once i could see. I sat down & knew that i needed to do a number 2 and vomit, but i'd much rather clean vomit off the toilet floor than the other, so i moved the toilet mat & vomited on the floor.... but then nothing else..... no number 2 at all. I felt fine after this and then no other signs followed so i put it down to too many brazil nuts earlier on in the day with only water in my stomach (i hadn't eaten much this day, because as i mentioned earlier i was feeling quite average all day).

I too never found out the sex of my baby through ultrasound (we wanted it to be a surprise), and then through examinations after the fact, we found out also that ours was a little girl :angel: We named her Caitlyn May (as she was due in May 2007). I also had a feeling that Caitlyn was a girl, and had said all through my pregnancy that i thought this was the case, even tho my husband & sisters all thought it would be a boy. I always said "I don't know why i feel that it is, but something is telling me she's a little girl!" I feel now as though i knew her all along! I cried when i got off the phone to the autopsy people when they told me she was a girl, as i felt like it was mothers instinct & i had no idea it could set in that early :confused:

I too used the word numb .... and surreal!!! It's all that comes close to describing the emptiness we feel and the pain we're going through, as no other word seems to come close. I said to my husband after the D&C, "This is like a horrible nightmare & i just want to wake up.... it's just sooo surreal". I couldn't seem to cry either.... my family seemed to be crying more than me!!! Even on my first night at home i was too exhausted to cry & just fell asleep (which i wasn't sure if i would), & woke the next morning & remembered what had happened & still.... nothing! All i felt was exhaustion & fell back asleep. And like you, i just sat & stared most of the time. Still am really.... as mine was only 1 week ago yesterday so still very raw, but this site is helping & it's great to have some support & also give support to others. It's very comforting ;)

Your name has 1983 in it!!! Is this the year you were born??? I was born in August 1983 so i would say, if so, we're very close in age ;) Not to mention dealing with the same feelings!

Take care & my thoughts are with you xoxoxox

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