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Hi Wizard,

Thankyou for your response and sorry for your loss!!!

With my D&C i'm quite sure they said there was a blood clot to remove also as well as my placenta (unless they said there was just blood), but whatever it was.... they saw it on the screen when they checked whether there was still any products of conception left in my womb. So i don't really know but i will question that with my DR on my next appt, as i have a follow up appt booked for the 3rd Jan... so thanks for that :)

I was offered an autopsy & i accepted this, as i did want to know some answers... if there was going to be any. They said they'd do a non-invasive examination first, and then if they found nothing from there & if we wanted to proceed, they would do further examinations, which involve a full autopsy to try & determine the cause of death.

They came back to us after performing the non-invasive examinations & said that there was nothing untoward that caused any concern & asked if we wanted to proceed with the full autopsy, and my husband & i (after discussing this) decided we did want to go ahead with it, as we wanted closure & it would help if there were some answers.... although we know that in some cases there aren't!!!

I felt really cruel giving permission for someone to do a full autopsy on my baby & i felt as though i was being selfish and a bit vulger (gross), but i really need answers, even if they come back & say it was a natural miscarriage where my body may have known there was something wrong with my baby, then atleast i won't be as scared next time when i fall pregnant, as it was more of a chance thing than anything else. But at the same time.... getting the full autopsy is giving us closure & also re-assuring us that we did try everything to get some kind of answers.

Seeing as though i was really concerned about my secision to have a full autopsy, i asked the nurse how often people choose to go forward to this and whether i am being selfish in my decision to do so, and she said that more people choose TO go ahead with it than those who don't, so that made me feel a little more at ease with it. She also said that i shouldn't be disheartened if there are no findings, as this can be seen as a positive aspect because it gives a higher probability of a successful full-term pregnancy next time which was comforting to hear...... but fingers crossed hey!

Thanks again & my thoughts are with you.

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