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My daughter miscarried at 16 weeks. She had a lot of bleeding and contractions but a week earlier they heard a heartbeat. She went to an OB free clinic when she had the severe cramps and he told her her cervix was not dilated. We interpreted this to mean the baby had a chance to survive. He sent us home.

Long story short, after a night of what we now know was active labor when we woke up she had severe cramps and around 10am went to the bathroom and her baby came out. Well, the baby was actually hanging out of her body. She called out to me for help.

I went running in there not knowing what to expect and had to pull the fetus out of her. I knew the baby was dead at that point and had her in the bathroom going crazy and had about 2 seconds to decide what to do.

I flushed my grandbaby down the toilet..I live in horror to this day. I could see the large head and bud type arms and legs just like you see in pictures and it was too horrible for words..

I am still mourning..this happened in Aug 2006. My daughter turned to doing drugs and has not recovered from this yet.

Why that damn doctor sent her home to miscarry is beyond me..Why he did not admit her and give her a D&C is beyond me..

I took her to the ER after this happened because she still had the cord hanging out we were told over the phone she could hemorrhage and die. They then did a D&C..How inhumane this whole incident was..

The horror of this experience will never go away...I am beside myself..

I wish that that baby could have been wrapped in a blanket for us to say goodbye to her..I can not understand how to get past my grief. I do not know if it would have been better for me to pull the baby/fetus out of the toilet and examine it for closure for my daughter or not..I can only tell you she is in immense emotional pain from this and I am so sad about t too..

God bless..

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