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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I had miscarried twins in November, although I didn't know I was having twins until they told me I was miscarrying. They said the babies had problems at 5 weeks, but I didn't start bleeding until I was almost 10 weeks. I was really excited about the baby even though I am 18 and young. The part I wish I didn't get at was one doctor told me everything will go back to normal and be fine with a good pregnancy, when another doctor told me I'm going to lose the babies. I was confused but being the person that I am I hoped for the best. My family was excited I was having twins and they were all talking about it. So me and my husband decided that we were going to wait 5-6 years before we tried for another baby.
But to our suprise come December (just a month after) I did an HPT so I can schedule an appointment with a doctor the test came up negative...but a 10 days later I did another (wasn't sure when I would have ovulated so to be on the safe side I waited 10 days. The test was a perfectly clear positive. I cried...I cried alot. But now we are making the best of it. My husband is really supportive and he really appreciates this pregnancy. I worry all the time ecspecially now since I should be around 9 weeks, almost 10.
I have changed so many things from the first pregnancy til now. I have a reagular doctors appointments when before I didn't go because of insurance but now we are putting money aside as an option and got a really great plan to help us out. I also even changed everything that I do, I even changed my entire attitude. My husband is constantly talking to the baby and kissing the baby so the baby knows that he loves him/her and has something to fight for. He really does help. Although I am already completely attached, I couldn't imagine losing this baby. It will be the most hurtful thing for me to handle. I have come to realize tho that it really isn't to common to have a successful pregnancy after having a miscarriage and not waiting a full cycle. But I am hoping everything goes good. I really feel that this will be a great change in both my husbands and my life. I try not to worry about it because stress can also lead to a miscarriage. I get cramps every now and again but they never last a full day or longer then 5 minutes. But everywhere I read it says it is normal to experience mild cramping around this time because the uterus is in the process of expanding. I have an appointment on the 12th so i will talk with the doctor about that. I also have experienced cramping such as these my whole entire life (well since I started my periods) so I don't know if its normal or if its not. But so far everything seems to be going well and I ill find out a little bit more on the 12th. Its hard having to go through it so soon after and knowing that the chances are 50/50 but I would rather live on the better side knowing and hoping it will all be ok. It seems as though I like to write novels as well...I love writing and details for me is always a given and I couldn't help but share my story with you in full.
It is a hard thing and it is hard to get past not knowing how the next time around is going to be. You are a very strong person and very considerate and I greatly appreciate how well you have handled this.
I can't answer why it took so long for you to miscarry and know if anything was wrong, but as you did, I went almost 5 weeks with two babies struggling to grow properly and the doctors didn't even know what they were talking about. I do hope though everything goes ok with me this time around despite the risks. I have changed my whole entire life around for this pregnancy so that I can make this work out. My husband as well has done so much to help me out with this pregnancy. About the only thing left to do is wait for the ultrasound after the 12th and see really how everything is going...and hopefully i am able to hear the babies heartbeat and then get some reassurance that everything is going ok at this point.
I wonder why these things happen to good people...why strong healthy women who could be great mothers have such trouble with pregnancy, when so many women who are on drugs their entire pregnancy, or who don't want their babies can go through it without a breeze or such as a problem in the pregnancy. But when the time is right for you to start trying again I wish nothing but a happy and healthy pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby.

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