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I hope when you read this you are feeling a little better today. You will have ups and downs. Good days and bad ones and the smallest things will trigger the pain all over again.

Like you I had time to prepare for the day I was to have my surgery to remove the baby. I found out the baby had died on a Friday but told the doctor I wanted the weekend to say goodbye to the baby no longer growing in me. I was in shock right after I found out. That whole weekend went like any other really because I still had my baby bump and the morning sickness. I still felt healthy pregnant. It wasn't until the day after my surgery that I had a break down. My doc called me to come into his office to give me my rhogam shot and seeing all those mothers pregnant or with newborns was all too much. I wasn't epecting anymore. I felt alone and the wait was too long... I knew I was going to cry right there in that waiting area so I left and started bawling half way to my car. I was 4 months with this one. This was #3 and I am 22.

If you need to talk or to vent, feel free to do it here. We will be here for you. Make sure you grieve all you need to. You will have a healthy baby someday, don't worry. You just have to have faith. I am trying to.

Take care, Jess
hi, desmaggie. I'm very sorry for your loss. I feel the same as you do I want to be pregnant right now!!!! My edd was Oct 1, and I dont know how I will feel when that date comes around. I had a d&c so i didnt go through the pain of a miscarriage, I think the procedure was a better way to go. I had no pain during my pregnancy at all but had some bleeding and they told me it's normal most of pregnant women have some bleeding. I think we need to believe we can do it again, if I dont think that way then I start to cry. I believe that the angels are waiting for us. We will never forget them.

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