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Im not sure whats really going on but i am desperate, scared, alone, and cant sleep. Ive recently went to a doctor to get on some mediaction to help me with high blood sugar, pcos, and weight loss. pcos is polysystic ovanrian syndrome. irregular period pretty much. ive been on this mediaction to help this for about a month now called metformin. about 3 weeks ago i spotted and had sore breast for a week and then everything went away. this has happened before to me and a week or two later id get my period. well this time after 2 weeks and no period i took a test thinking i was pregnant bec the med helps to regulate my period and it was negative. then 2 day later i got my period. the first three days were heavy, clotty and lots of bloody tissue. i had super plus tampons and i soaked throught them with in 30 mins. i also had really bad cramps pretty much all day and this has never happened to me before. one clot must of been as long as my middle finger and as wide as two fingers put together. im on my fifth day and the bleeding seems to be like a normal period but im still having the cramping and my breast still hurt. do you think this is a sign of a miscarriage?

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